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Julián Humberto Muriel Velásquez


Process Engineer with experience in cement plant operations management, optimization and commissioning, with broad technical knowledge in raw and cement grinding, pyroprocess and bulk material handling technology. Good resilience and oriented to establish professional relationships based on respect, trust and sincerity. Interested in resources optimization, engineering projects, sustainable technologies and circular economy.
3359 W Wyoming cir33611 TAMPAUnited States
Work history
  • Technically support the operations to comply with the production processes optimization plans.
  • Lead the implementation of kilns, clinker coolers and vertical/ball mills technical audits and the derive analysis of their results.
  • Provide technical support to solve substandard situations that have high impact on the cement manufacturing process.
  • Provide technical support for engineering projects and the procurement area with technically sensite spare parts like refractories and mills liners and new raw materials analysis.
  • Lead the development and analysis of technical procedures to standardize the operation and processes monitoring and control methodologies. Lead the introduction of AI based control techniques and refractory management tools.
  • Lead and support industrial trials aim to the introduction of new raw materials, additives, equipment or process control strategies.
  • Identify, consolidate and transfer learned lessons, technical knowledge and the best practices generated by the operations to ensure knowledge appropriation.
  • Standardize the indicators and participate in the definition of the production processes goals.
  • Identify and implement best practices based on the benchmarking results.
  • Support the Due Diligence processes and/or integration of new operations.
  • Participate in the training of process and production engineers at the cement plants.
  • Support all the cement grinding and dispatch operations in their optimization plans and bottlenecks reductions based on the processes audits and data analysis. Proffer and follow up the alternatives for cement production increase and cost reduction.
  • Validate the basic and conceptual process engineering in the projects related with the cement grinding, packing and dispatch within the company. Projects evaluated: New cement grinding and dispatch plant in Honduras and cement grinding process upgrade from open circuit to closed circuit in French Guiana Argos facility.
  • Support the process engineering evaluation regarding the restart of one abandoned cement production circuit which objective was a new product production.
  • Provide technical support during the projects execution of the technical vice-presidency.
  • Develop the start-up, stabilization and training plans of the Technical vice-presidency projects.
  • Propose and support the execution plans to correct the non-conformities found in the projects.
  • Follow up on the technical projects of the vice presidency and ensure that the objectives of these are fully met.
  • Develop process audits and report improvement opportunities and potential optimization projects.
  • Provide technical support to operations according to improvement plans or to specific situations.
  • Develop and execute the commissioning, stabilization and warranty tests plans for a total 25% Rio Claro - Colombia cement plant production increase, including: new roller press pre-grinding system installation, coal mill separator technology upgrade (from 1st generation to 3rd generation), kiln main filter upgrade (from electrostatic filter to bag filter), 4 stage Preheater tower modification, clinker gratecooler upgrade (including fans and static section installation), new main kiln burner installation, clinker cooler dedusting system upgrade (from static separator to bag filter), clinker and raw materials to cement mills transport system upgrade, new vertical cement mill installation, new cement packer and palletizer installation. Coordinate all the refractory material installation activities related to the plant upgrade.
  • Develop and execute the commissioning, stabilization and warranty tests plans for both production lines in the kiln cooler dedusting technology upgrade (from static separator to bag filter) in the Tolu - Colombia Cementos Argos plant.
  • Develop and execute the commissioning, stabilization and warranty tests plans for both production lines in the kiln main filter technology upgrade (from static separator to bag filter) in the Newberry – USA Argos plant.
  • Support the installation and perform the commissioning and stabilization plan for a new kiln burner in the Sogamoso – Colombia Cementos Argos plant.
  • Coordinate and control the inherent activities in the clinker and cement production process to guarantee the stability in the operation of the systems and the availability and quality of the raw materials, product in process and finished. As a part of the production team, I had to work hand by hand with the maintenance and environmental areas, in order to optimize the production with the less environmental impact.
  • Responsible for the energy consumption reduction strategy, process and quality performance for the cement grinding area (2011 and 2012).
  • Responsible for the cement packing and dispatch area, I was involved in the starting and stabilization of the second cement bag palletizing machine at the facility (2010 – 2011).
  • Paricipate in the quality committees.
  • Participate in the Root Cause Analysis cases and ensure the execution of the proposed actions.
  • Make multidisciplinary actions plans in order improve processes performance.
  • Build the process risks framework and ensure the risk factor reduction for workers.
  • Participate in projects committees (2013 - 2014).
  • Verify all the process engineering information related to the plant master upgrade plan, from raw mill to cement bag palletizing machine. Report any inconsistencies and ensure their correction (2013 - 2014).


Cementos Rio Claro S.A. Company
February 2004 to July 2004
  • Mass and energy balances in a cement plant system: tower - kiln - cooler, taking registry of the undesirable chemical components in the different stages and make calculations on their incidence on the process; an analysis report was delivered with the results and opportunities to improve.
  • Written report related to a potential raw material pre-grinding project to be developed inside the company, describing its benefits and investments.


  • As a team member I am prone to ensure trustworthy relationships and focus on the team objective rather than individual recognition.
  • As a project leader I like to stablish and consolidate work teams in which the performance is based on boost the strengths of each member and support the weaknesses by effective communication.
  • Inside the cement production area I have been able to build strategies focus to improve overall teams performance by making strong relations with maintenance, quality and administrative areas.


  • Manage team of engineers in deadlines situations keeping personal life equilibrium as a priority.
  • As a production’s engineer I was in charge of a 15 people team which a lead, support and join in order to reach our internal objectives. In terms of production we reached the higher monthly cement production’s rates in all the plant’s history at that point.

Process optimization

  • Solid knowledge in key cement process variables and methods to carry process audits and develop business cases and improvements based on the information analysis.
  • I was in charge to develop a program to increase cement mills performance in which two main goals were met: Reducing energy and chemical additives consumption and the replacement of clinker for a less cost raw material. With these actions a cost reduction of almost $3/ton (10%) of cement was reached.


  • POSTER: Muriel Velasquez J.H., Quintero Restrepo R. “Zinc recovery of Used Alkaline Batteries”. 2nd International Design of Chemical and Biotechnological Processes Congress, 2 - 4 August, 2006. EAFIT University - Medellin, Colombia.
  • ORAL PRESENTATION: “Zinc recovery of used alkaline batteries”. At the Encounter of regional node of seed plots of investigation, 19-20 May, 2006. La Salle University - Medellin, Colombia.
  • ESSAY: Hydrogen path: An answer or a Question?.Econoving Bulletin of Science & Sustainability – EBSS vol. 2 (2013).
  • MONOGRAPH: "Strategic framework for Latin American Sustainable Development". Final delivery to obtain the specialization degree.


  • Spanish: Mother tongue
  • English: TOEFL iBT score 90 and IELTS general training overall score 7; able to make oral presentations, written reports and maintain a smooth and coherent conversation
  • French: A3 level

Computer skills

  • Competent with most Microsoft Office programmes, SAP, CEMulator®, Refraweb®, Aspen Infoplus 21®.

International Professional Master in Management of Eco – Innovation.

Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines UVSQ. Guyancourt-France

September 2012 to September 2013
This one-year, internship-based post-graduate degree was conducted in English by a partnership of university and industry-based instructors, aiming to give the skills and experience needed to join the next generation of eco-innovation entrepreneurs and managers.

It was based on technical and management approaches in order to provide essential tools to solve environmental problems and create business opportunities.

web site :

Project Management Specialist

Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana- Medellín, Colombia

June 2009 to June 2010
As a part of the strategic sciences school the main topics developed were founded in general and project Management, Project formulation and evaluation, risk and financial management. The methodological framework of the course was based on the PMBOK® method.
Final project monograph: “Strategic framework for the sustainable development in Latin America”.

Total grade point average: 4.53 (over 5).

International classification ISCED 5
web site ( in spanish ):

Bachelor in Process Engineering

EAFIT University - Medellín, Colombia

February 2000 to December 2005
The Process Engineering bachelor integrates methodologies and procedures related with sciences, technology and management in order to design, simulate, optimize and control bio and physicochemical processes.

Thesis: Zinc recovery from exhausted alkaline batteries.

Total grade point average: 4.05 (over 5).

International classification ISCED 5.
I chose the processes design line, where I join the Process Design research group like a teaching assistant in which I participated in the startup of a laboratory scale batch production system and its operation conditions standardization. These concepts helped me out in my graduation thesis proposal which was about the recycling of alkaline batteries residual components, as a way to ameliorate the impact their disposal have on the environment based on laboratories tests that we designed according to our scientific work research. This study was sponsored by the Research Group on Biotechnology and Environmental Processes inside the EAFIT University (Medellin – Colombia).

Extra curricular activities:

July 2004 – May 2005
Academic assistant in the processes design laboratory and Process Design research group member. I was involved in the startup of a laboratory scale batch production system and its operation conditions standardization.

January 2005 – November 2005.
Member of the Group Ambience Management Zero Emissions GAZE. This group supports and does research on environmental issues and projects. My degree thesis was done under GAZE support and guidance.

February 2003 – June 2003
Coach of a women's soccer team in an internal championship.

web site ( in spanish ):

Green Belt Certification

Deloitte - Apharetta, GA. 4 days training

June 2022
Argos internal training focus to improve processes using the lean sigma DMAIC approach

Cement Milling & Separation Technology

Christian Pfeiffer - Medellín, Colombia. 2 days training.

November 2017

Cement Process Simulator - CEMulator

F.L.Smidth USA - Bethlehem, PA - USA. 3 days training.

Specific training in each of the simulator modules: Ball Mill, Vertical Mill, Coal Mill and Kiln process.

International Cement Production Seminar

F.L.Smidth Denmark - Copenhagen, Denmark. 19 days training.

May 2015

Refractory Materials for Cement Industry

Refratechnik - Barranquilla, Colombia. 2 days training.


Training Workshop on Carbon footprint

Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines . Guyancourt - France

December 2012
Held by Fréderic Chomé, director of Factor-X and supported by Econoving International Chair in “Generating Eco-Innovation

Applied Biotechnology Diploma

EAFIT University, Medellín - Colombia

February 2005 to May 2005
the course objective was give a global technical vision of the scientific fundamentals, applications and future challenges for the biotechnology and was held by the support of several specialists in the area.
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